Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My craft work & awards

I am always having a great passion in craft works.I would like to make crafts on my own and present to my loved ones on special occassions rather than buying a gift from shops.Now a days i often make small crafts which makes makes my kid  soo happy.Whatever i made my child felt too happy bcos her mother knows something extradinary and she felt proud about that.Her happiness gives me more energy and encouragement.And this craft is also one among the list,i got this idea from swapna's ''my world of stitching''.
She made a paper chirstmas tree in one of  her post.After seeing that i went back to my college days where we made this paper hut.I made it out of calender sheets[daily sheet, a complete pack] with similar foldings of swapna.After i made this, i gave to my child.Her eyes become widening and too bright,her face is filled with extreme happiness and she hugged me.All credit goes to swapna, i fully dedicate this to her.
My child was crushed the hut before i click it with paint.She wants to paint on that with her water colour, i encourage her and i lastly adjust that.
                                                                   MY AWARDS
I was soo happy, surprised and honoured by my awards which my loving friends presented to me.I never think of receiving awards bcos i m a new blogger,but my friends moved me with their kindness.I whole heartedly thank Kalyani [kalyani platter] and Jay [tasty appetite].THANKS A LOTTT MY DEARS.
I was honoured by ur awards.I received this triple award from kalyani,
And my friend jay passing me the following awards to me,thank u jay.

Thank a lot my dear friends,your awads gives me more energy and encouragement.I would like to share such a wonderful awards to my loving friends,
                                                        1. Bharathy [spicy chilly]
                                                        2. Revathi [kaarasaram]
                                                        3. Divya [divya's recipe]
                                                        4. Sarah [ spoonful of delight]
                                                        5.Vardhini [vardhinis kitchen]
                                                        6. kitchen flavors bon appetit


Monday, September 26, 2011

Idly kurma

After a short break once again i engaged myself in blogging and very curious to meet my blog friends.Last month i was too busy bcos my loving kid put her first step into the school,that y i was happy,tensed,sad and busy.It is the great experience for each and every mother,i too enjoyed that.Now,i felt little bit relaxed that my child settled herself quite well in her school.Lets back to our recipe,idly kurma is the delicious combo for idly.My amma made this kurma on deepavali,throughout the day we cherishes with this special kurma.Comparing to other days this kurma will have a special taste especially on deepavali.Hope u too love this.
                         Coconut grated     --- 1/2 cup
                         Shallots                  -- 8 nos
                         Green chilly             -- 5 nos [according to ur spicy ]
                         Fennel seeds          -- 1 tsp
                         Channa dhal           -- 1/4 cup
                         Garlic cloves          -- 7 nos
                         Cinnamon               --  1 inch
                          cloves                   -- 4 nos
                         Tomato medium size -- 4 nos
                         Onion big                    -- 1
                          Curry leaves              -- a few
                          Oil                            -- as needed
                          Salt                           -- as needed
                          Water                      -- 2 to 3 cups.
               In a pan pour 2 tsp oil,heat it,then add 2cloves and 1/2 inch cinnomon
               After splutter,add shallots,garlic,fennel seeds,chilly,channa dhal  saute
               Then add coconut, saute well.Let it cool.
               Put into the mixie jar and make it as a nice paste.
               Cut the tomato and the onion into small pieces.
               Keep a pan, pour oil,add cinnomon and cloves and curry leaves.
               Then add onion saute it,add tomato saute well.
               Add the water,allow it to boil then add the ground paste.
               Allow to boil well,when the nice flavour comes out of it
               u can turn off ur stove,in accoring to ur consistency.
               Serve it with hot idlis.
         U may raise or reduce the quantity of ingredients according to ur taste.