Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pal kozhukattai[ traditional dish]

Whenever i eat 'pal kozhukattai' it brings my nostalgic memories of my childhood.In those days we used to spend our holidays in our grandma's home.Each and everyday is filled with full of enjoyment and variety of special snacks and sweets.If my grandma made pal kozhukattai,me and my sisters,brothers and my cousins sit together in the middle of the big hall and enjoy that special dish with lots and lots of fun and laughter.With my sweet memories i like to share our favourite dish with you.I am sure you will like it.

                          Idly rice          -- 2 cups[ i used a small cup nearly 125 gms of rice]
                          Jaggery           -- 2 and 1/2
                          Coconut[ medium size ] --- 1/2 of the coconut
                          Milk                               -- 1/2 cup
                          Water                             -- 4 cups
                         Cardamom                      --3 nos
                          Salt                                -- less than a pinch  or 1or 2 salt
                Soak the rice in water for 4 hours.
                Wash it and grind it without water.while grinding add only little amount of water.
                The batter should be nice and tight,then only we can make kozhukattai.
                When the rice becomes nice,take it out from the grinder.
                Add half of the shredded coconut with the batter,mix well.
                Then made the entire batter into small balls or long strips.
                I used made like long strips like this
          Allow them to dry for half an hour.
          keep thick bottom pan on the stove, large enough to have the balls with water.
          Pour the water,boil,add sliced jaggery and salt.allow it to boil well.
         Then add the dry balls to the boiling water.Add milk.
         Don't put the spoon inside the pan before the balls boiled and came up.
         When it starts to comes up,u can stir it slowly,turns the balls.
         If the balls becomes stiff it comes to the end of boiling.
         The liquid consistency should be like thick milk.
         Add the remaining half shredded coconut and cardamoms to it.
         Mix well. Off the stove.

         If the consistency becomes so thick, add milk to ur expecting consistency.
         Raise the level of water,jaggery,milk and coconut according to ur 
          quantity of rice.
        Use medium flame.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ennai katharikai [ oil brinjal]

 I repost this post bcos its having  a great  taste and  when i post this when i start my blog,so obviously i  don't hav  blog friends.'Ennai katharikai' whenever i uttered this name my mouth starts to watering,that much taste it has.My husband and me love this so much.I learned this dish from my sister 'Indra'.She is a great cook.She only introduced this special tasty dish for  me.Thanks a lot for her.Now,i never miss to make this dish once in a week.Its the best combination for Briyani and Curd rice.
                            Brinjal[medium size]      -- 4
                            White sesame seeds      --  3 tsp
                            Garlic cloves                 -- 5 nos.
                            Chilly powder                 - 1 tsp
                            Salt                                -- to taste
                            Oil                                 -   6 to 7 tsp

                 Choose brinjals without insects, wash it and cut at the top of the brinjal into
                 four slits.Don"t open it fully.The brinjal should be whole.set aside.
                 Roast the sesame seeds in a empty pan,till the colour slightly changes
                 and aroma of the seeds comes out of it. cool it.
                 In a dry mixie jar,put the sesame seeds and give one whip.Don't make 
                 it too powder.
                 Peal off the cloves,wash and smash it [idichu konga] add chilly powder
                 salt,sesame powder, smash it well. mix altogether.
                 Stuff this mix in between the brinjal.
                 Pour the oil in a pan,heat it well, make ur flame sim,then put the brinjal.
                 Fry well, turn the brinjal to all the sides,fry well till the brinjal absorbs
                 the oil.The brinjals colour also changes and a spicy smell comes out
                 of it.The masala also comes out of it slightly.Off the stove.

                           NOW, ENNAI KATHARIKAI IS READY.
        Keep stove in sim till u finished.Turn the brinjals often.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

uzhuntham kanchi

Hi friends,
                My today's post is' uzhuntham kanchi'. I don't know whether you heard about it or not.I am sure those who are from the village side of T.N was well known about this special kanchi.It has filled with medicinal qualities.Don't think it is like medicine.Its very sweet in taste.Uzuntham kanchi is a very good medicine for the cold.If you are having severe cold,drink this kanchi as hot in empty stomach for 2 or 3 days.It just chases away the cold.Try this once and you never leave it.

                           Black gram dhal [uzhunthu]----1/2 cup
                           Jaggery                                -- 1 and 1/2 piece [according to ur taste]
                           Coconut shreded                  -  1/4 cup
                           cardamom                            - 2

                  Soak the uzhunthu[ black or white] in water for 4 hours.
                  Wash and grind it well like it for idly batter.
                  Add 2 cups of water to the batter,mix well.
                  Keep a big size pan,pour the batter and heat it in low flame.
                  Cut the jaggery into small pieces and add it with the batter.
                  Stir it continuously.[it takes only 5 to 10 min]
                  The batter will start to come up add little water and stir it.
                  It comes to foamy consistency,when the raw smell goes 
                  out,u can add cardamom and coconut,stir well.
                  Switch off ur stove.
                        UZHUNTHAM KANCHI IS READY.
                       Serve it when it was hot.

         Don't stop stirring till u get it down from the stove.

                      THANK U.SPRINKLE UR COMMENTS.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puli kachal--Instant puliyodarai mix

Hi friends,
                Everyone likes our mother.''Amma'' the word itself fully filled with tons of affection,care,loving and sacrifice.Each and everyone likes their mother's food too.It gives some extra taste,because of her care and affection.Whatever we cook,it won't be equal to our mother's food taste.According to me no one beats my mother's puli satham [tamarind rice].I love that soo much.Today i going to share my amma's special recipe pulikachal with you all.I always prepared this mix and keep in my fridge.If sometimes i wake up late early morning,i dont know what to prepare for my hubby's lunch.In short time i prepared tamarind rice with the mix.It saves me when i am in tired and at the times of hurry-burry.Hope you enjoy this.
                           Tamarind---            100 gms
                           Dry red chilly ----   7 nos
                           Bengal gram [kadalai parupu]-- 3 tsp
                           Fenugreek---- 1 and 1/2tsp
                           Corriander seeds---2 tsp
                           Asofotida---- a small piece
                           Mustard and black gram dhal - 1 tsp
                           Turmeric powder--- 2 tsp
                           Seasame oil--- 5 tsp
                           curry leaves---10 nos
                           Salt --- as needed
                 Soak tamarind in a cup of warm water for half an hour and extract the juice.
                 keep aside.Keep a dry pan on the stove, roast the corriander seeds till the
                 aroma comes out of it.Add fenugreek and one chilly roast well.Cool it.
                 Pour few drops of oil in a pan,heat well and fry asofotida.Cool it.
                 In a mixie jar put the corriander seeds,fenugreek,chilly,asofotida altogether.
                 Make it as nice powder.set aside.
                 Keep a pan on stove,pour the oil,heat well add bengal gram and fry it.
                 Dont allow it ti turn black.
                 Add mustard seeds and black gram dhal temper it,add curry leaves.
                Then add the dry chilly [splited in to two half] fry it well.
                 Now,pour the tamarind extract,add salt and turmeric powder.
                In a medium flame allow it to boil till it becomes thick and the oil comes out.
                Now add the powder[corriander seeds,fenugreek,chilly,asofotida]mix well.
                Allow it to boil for 2 minutes and get it down from the stove.
                           NOW PULIKACHAL IS READYYY.
               Allow it to cool well.Then preserve it in glass bottle[ only glass containers]
              You can preserve it for more than one month,but remember never touch it with
               your bare hands,always use spoon.
        1. While preparing puli satham,add the seasame oil with the hot boiled rice.
            Mix well,allow it to cool.Then add roasted ground nuts with rice mix well.
            Then add pulikachal as needed for the rice, mix  well.
        2.You can preserve the corriander seed,fenugreek,chilly,asofotida powder
           separately in a box[without mixing it with pulikachal]
       3. Add the powder with the rice at the time of preparation.
           It gives more aroma.






Friday, July 15, 2011


We prepare variety of chutneys,but puthina chutney has its own special taste.For me it is the best combination with idly especially for the night tiffin.We can make puthina chutney alone with puthina leaves or puthina with corriander leaves.Both has its own special taste.Today i prepare it with corriander leaves.

                           Puthina/mint leaves     _  1 cup
                           Corriander leaves       _  1 cup
                           Tamarind                    _   a cherry size
                           Red or Green chilly    _   2 nos
                          Black gram dhal[uzhuntham parupu]  _ 2 tsp
                          Coconut                       _ 2 long pieces
                          Salt                              _ as needed
                          Oil [refined]                _ 2 tsp
                          Mustard seeds + black gram dhal - as needed
                          Water                             _  a small amount

                  Wash puthina and corriander leaves,drain the water completely.
                  Set it aside.
                  Place a pan on the stove,pour a spoon of oil heat it,add black gam dhal.
                  Fry it till the aroma of dhal comes out.Dont turn it black.
                  Add the puthina leaves,saute it for 2 minutes then add corriander leaves.
                 Saute it well till the raw smell goes out and the leaves blended with oil
                 and shrink in to small quantity.Take it from the stove, cool it.
                Then add tamarind,chilly,salt,coconut[ dont saute the coconut] with the leaves
                 and black gram dhal.
                Put altogether in mixie jar, grind first without water for a minute,then add water.
                Test the salt and take it away.
                Temper the mustard and black gram dhal and with chutney.
Now, puthina chutney is ready to serve.

        Add small amount of water.
        Add small amount of coconut,otherwise the taste of puthina chutney gone out.

                            THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG.



Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hi friends,
                 Today i am going to share with u my most favourite tiffin urapu adai.We use to prepare at the evening time.Its aroma spread throughout the street,and if we smells it,its make our mouth water.In our village sides we always mix fresh murunga keerai[drumstick tree leaves]with urapu adai.Nothing beats that special taste.In UAE i dont get murunga keerai,thats y i make plain urapu adai.If u have a chance to get murunga keerai never miss to mix with urapu adai.Hope u enjoy.

                            Rice          - 2 cups
                            Thoor dhal[thuvaram parupu]_  1 cup
                            Bengal gram[kadalai parupu]_  1/2 cup
                            Moong dhal[ pasi parupu]      _  1/2 cup
                            Dry red chilly                        _   7 nos
                            Small onion                            _   15 nos
                            Fennel seeds[sombu]             _ 2 tsp
                           coconut [cut into small piece]_ 1/2 cup
                          Turmeric powder                    _ 1/4 tsp
                          Salt                                         _ needed.
                           Oil                                         _needed.

                            wash and soak rice and all the dhals in water atleast for 3 hours.
                             Filter the water.
                            Add chilly,fennel seeds, salt with the rice and dhal.
                            Grind all the above.[dont grind it finely like idly batter]
                            For urapu adai the batter should not finely grinded.
                            If we touch with our hand it should like granules.
                            Then take the batter,test the salt and add finely chopped small onion
                            and coconut with that. [and murunga keerai if u  r having]
                           Mix well and evenly spread it to all the sides of batter.
                           Now,the batter is ready.Put dosa kal or pan on the stove.
                           Heat it and put the batter on the dosa kal or pan and thinly[ not so thin]
                           spread it evenly in round shape.Pour oil to all the sides of adai.
                          keep ur flame in sim,allow it to cook well.Turn it backside.
                          Both sides should be well cooked.
                   Now, ur delicious urapu adai is ready to serve.
        After grinding the batter immediately with in a hour make adai or keep it in the fridge.        Otherwise it will give soaring taste.
                                   THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG