Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hi friends,
                 Today i am going to share with u my most favourite tiffin urapu adai.We use to prepare at the evening time.Its aroma spread throughout the street,and if we smells it,its make our mouth water.In our village sides we always mix fresh murunga keerai[drumstick tree leaves]with urapu adai.Nothing beats that special taste.In UAE i dont get murunga keerai,thats y i make plain urapu adai.If u have a chance to get murunga keerai never miss to mix with urapu adai.Hope u enjoy.

                            Rice          - 2 cups
                            Thoor dhal[thuvaram parupu]_  1 cup
                            Bengal gram[kadalai parupu]_  1/2 cup
                            Moong dhal[ pasi parupu]      _  1/2 cup
                            Dry red chilly                        _   7 nos
                            Small onion                            _   15 nos
                            Fennel seeds[sombu]             _ 2 tsp
                           coconut [cut into small piece]_ 1/2 cup
                          Turmeric powder                    _ 1/4 tsp
                          Salt                                         _ needed.
                           Oil                                         _needed.

                            wash and soak rice and all the dhals in water atleast for 3 hours.
                             Filter the water.
                            Add chilly,fennel seeds, salt with the rice and dhal.
                            Grind all the above.[dont grind it finely like idly batter]
                            For urapu adai the batter should not finely grinded.
                            If we touch with our hand it should like granules.
                            Then take the batter,test the salt and add finely chopped small onion
                            and coconut with that. [and murunga keerai if u  r having]
                           Mix well and evenly spread it to all the sides of batter.
                           Now,the batter is ready.Put dosa kal or pan on the stove.
                           Heat it and put the batter on the dosa kal or pan and thinly[ not so thin]
                           spread it evenly in round shape.Pour oil to all the sides of adai.
                          keep ur flame in sim,allow it to cook well.Turn it backside.
                          Both sides should be well cooked.
                   Now, ur delicious urapu adai is ready to serve.
        After grinding the batter immediately with in a hour make adai or keep it in the fridge.        Otherwise it will give soaring taste.
                                   THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG  


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