Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ennai katharikai [ oil brinjal]

 I repost this post bcos its having  a great  taste and  when i post this when i start my blog,so obviously i  don't hav  blog friends.'Ennai katharikai' whenever i uttered this name my mouth starts to watering,that much taste it has.My husband and me love this so much.I learned this dish from my sister 'Indra'.She is a great cook.She only introduced this special tasty dish for  me.Thanks a lot for her.Now,i never miss to make this dish once in a week.Its the best combination for Briyani and Curd rice.
                            Brinjal[medium size]      -- 4
                            White sesame seeds      --  3 tsp
                            Garlic cloves                 -- 5 nos.
                            Chilly powder                 - 1 tsp
                            Salt                                -- to taste
                            Oil                                 -   6 to 7 tsp

                 Choose brinjals without insects, wash it and cut at the top of the brinjal into
                 four slits.Don"t open it fully.The brinjal should be whole.set aside.
                 Roast the sesame seeds in a empty pan,till the colour slightly changes
                 and aroma of the seeds comes out of it. cool it.
                 In a dry mixie jar,put the sesame seeds and give one whip.Don't make 
                 it too powder.
                 Peal off the cloves,wash and smash it [idichu konga] add chilly powder
                 salt,sesame powder, smash it well. mix altogether.
                 Stuff this mix in between the brinjal.
                 Pour the oil in a pan,heat it well, make ur flame sim,then put the brinjal.
                 Fry well, turn the brinjal to all the sides,fry well till the brinjal absorbs
                 the oil.The brinjals colour also changes and a spicy smell comes out
                 of it.The masala also comes out of it slightly.Off the stove.

                           NOW, ENNAI KATHARIKAI IS READY.
        Keep stove in sim till u finished.Turn the brinjals often.


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