Friday, July 15, 2011


We prepare variety of chutneys,but puthina chutney has its own special taste.For me it is the best combination with idly especially for the night tiffin.We can make puthina chutney alone with puthina leaves or puthina with corriander leaves.Both has its own special taste.Today i prepare it with corriander leaves.

                           Puthina/mint leaves     _  1 cup
                           Corriander leaves       _  1 cup
                           Tamarind                    _   a cherry size
                           Red or Green chilly    _   2 nos
                          Black gram dhal[uzhuntham parupu]  _ 2 tsp
                          Coconut                       _ 2 long pieces
                          Salt                              _ as needed
                          Oil [refined]                _ 2 tsp
                          Mustard seeds + black gram dhal - as needed
                          Water                             _  a small amount

                  Wash puthina and corriander leaves,drain the water completely.
                  Set it aside.
                  Place a pan on the stove,pour a spoon of oil heat it,add black gam dhal.
                  Fry it till the aroma of dhal comes out.Dont turn it black.
                  Add the puthina leaves,saute it for 2 minutes then add corriander leaves.
                 Saute it well till the raw smell goes out and the leaves blended with oil
                 and shrink in to small quantity.Take it from the stove, cool it.
                Then add tamarind,chilly,salt,coconut[ dont saute the coconut] with the leaves
                 and black gram dhal.
                Put altogether in mixie jar, grind first without water for a minute,then add water.
                Test the salt and take it away.
                Temper the mustard and black gram dhal and with chutney.
Now, puthina chutney is ready to serve.

        Add small amount of water.
        Add small amount of coconut,otherwise the taste of puthina chutney gone out.

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