Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puli kachal--Instant puliyodarai mix

Hi friends,
                Everyone likes our mother.''Amma'' the word itself fully filled with tons of affection,care,loving and sacrifice.Each and everyone likes their mother's food too.It gives some extra taste,because of her care and affection.Whatever we cook,it won't be equal to our mother's food taste.According to me no one beats my mother's puli satham [tamarind rice].I love that soo much.Today i going to share my amma's special recipe pulikachal with you all.I always prepared this mix and keep in my fridge.If sometimes i wake up late early morning,i dont know what to prepare for my hubby's lunch.In short time i prepared tamarind rice with the mix.It saves me when i am in tired and at the times of hurry-burry.Hope you enjoy this.
                           Tamarind---            100 gms
                           Dry red chilly ----   7 nos
                           Bengal gram [kadalai parupu]-- 3 tsp
                           Fenugreek---- 1 and 1/2tsp
                           Corriander seeds---2 tsp
                           Asofotida---- a small piece
                           Mustard and black gram dhal - 1 tsp
                           Turmeric powder--- 2 tsp
                           Seasame oil--- 5 tsp
                           curry leaves---10 nos
                           Salt --- as needed
                 Soak tamarind in a cup of warm water for half an hour and extract the juice.
                 keep aside.Keep a dry pan on the stove, roast the corriander seeds till the
                 aroma comes out of it.Add fenugreek and one chilly roast well.Cool it.
                 Pour few drops of oil in a pan,heat well and fry asofotida.Cool it.
                 In a mixie jar put the corriander seeds,fenugreek,chilly,asofotida altogether.
                 Make it as nice powder.set aside.
                 Keep a pan on stove,pour the oil,heat well add bengal gram and fry it.
                 Dont allow it ti turn black.
                 Add mustard seeds and black gram dhal temper it,add curry leaves.
                Then add the dry chilly [splited in to two half] fry it well.
                 Now,pour the tamarind extract,add salt and turmeric powder.
                In a medium flame allow it to boil till it becomes thick and the oil comes out.
                Now add the powder[corriander seeds,fenugreek,chilly,asofotida]mix well.
                Allow it to boil for 2 minutes and get it down from the stove.
                           NOW PULIKACHAL IS READYYY.
               Allow it to cool well.Then preserve it in glass bottle[ only glass containers]
              You can preserve it for more than one month,but remember never touch it with
               your bare hands,always use spoon.
        1. While preparing puli satham,add the seasame oil with the hot boiled rice.
            Mix well,allow it to cool.Then add roasted ground nuts with rice mix well.
            Then add pulikachal as needed for the rice, mix  well.
        2.You can preserve the corriander seed,fenugreek,chilly,asofotida powder
           separately in a box[without mixing it with pulikachal]
       3. Add the powder with the rice at the time of preparation.
           It gives more aroma.






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