Monday, December 26, 2011

Carrot Halwa


                         Today is a very special, wonderful day for me and  for my family.
                                           Ya, its our cute little darling's birthday.
I was too busy from the starting of this new year itself. Me and my hubby selected our kid's most favourite things,dresses.,toys...etc.,etc..., and she herself selected the chocolates for her friends.She is very eager to celebrate her birthday in school.Throughout the holidays she asked about how she will give chocolates for her school friends on her b'day.This is the first b'day she is going to celebrate in  the school.Thats y she is very eager n exciting.My hubby and me were planned to give lots of  loving surprises for her and eager to watch her tiny cute eyes shining and broading with her happy shouts and hugs.



To celebrate this sweet occasion i planned to post a sweet on my sweety's b'day. Carrot Halwa is the beautiful sweet which can b prepared easily by anyone who is not an expert in cooking.  Thats y i too prepared this sweet and it becoms a great hit among my family members.Lets see the recipe....


                          Carrot shreded   -- 1 bowl
                          Sugar                  -- 1/2  bowl
                          Milk [thick]         --  1/2 bowl
                          Ghee                  -- 3 to 4 tsp
                          Cashews            --  6 to 8
                           Almonds             -- 5  
                           Salt                     -- one or 2 granules
                            Wash and skinned the carrots and then sherded.
                             Place a pan over the stove,pour 2 tsp ghee.
                             Heat it, and roasted the cashews  n almonds.
                             Take it out set aside,then add the carrot shreds to the ghee.
                             Saute well for 5 min in low flame till it raw smell goes out.
                             Then add the milk,the carrot should b fully drowned in milk.
                             Often mix it well till the milk is fully absorbed by carrot.
                             Then add the sugar,it melts and give a liquid consistency.
                             It started to bcoms thick,add 2 more tsp of ghee.
                             With the help of laddle,avoid sticking.
                             The halwa started to roll without sticking in our hands
                               Thats it,thats the perfect consistency.
                             Now switch off the stove,
                                 and enjoy the aromatic,delicious halwa.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vazhakkai [Raw banana] Poriyal

''Vazhakkai poriyal''is very simple to make as well as healthy too,bcos we never pour so much oil like vazhakkai fry.Its the best form that we give vazhakkai for the kids.Lets see the recipe...........

                         Raw Banana [vazhakkai] -- 2 nos
                         Onion [ big ]                    -- 1
                         Dry red chilly                   -- 2
                         Mustard seeds n urad dhal --1 tsp
                         Curry n corriander leaves   -- for garnish
                         Oil                                     -- for tempering
                         Salt                                    -- to taste


                 Skinned the raw banana and cut into small pieces.
                 Boil the pieces in salt water till it cooked.
                 Like this.....
                 In a pan pour the oil n temper the mustard seeds n urad dhal.
                 Add the splited red chilly n chopped onion.
                 Add curry leaves n salt, saute well.
                Then add the boiled banana pieces.
                 Saute it for few minutes and off the stove.
                 Garnish with corriander leaves and serve.
               HAV THIS PORIYAL WITH SPICY PULIKUZHAMBU OR SAMBAR.                       

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sponge Gourd [peerkangai] Chutney

Peerkangai chutney is a tasteful dish madeout of peerkangai.Don't think it a sidedish for idly or dosa,we use hav this chutney with rice only.Except this chutney i didn't know anydishes prepared out of sponge gourd.Here is my simple recipe......

                         Sponge gourd [peerkangai] - 1
                         Shallots                               - 8 nos
                         Tamarind                             - a big cherry size
                         Mustard n urad dhal             - 1 tsp
                         Dry red chilly                       - 2 nos
                         Oil                                       - 2 tsp
                         Salt                                      - as needed.
                Soak the tamarind in little water n extract the juice.
                Wash the sponge gourd n remove the skin.
                Cut in to pieces and boil it in water.
                Drain the water,cool it,put it in mixie and give 2 or 3 whips.
                Take it out and mix with tamarind juice n set aside.
                In a pan, pour the oil n temper the mustard n urad dhal.
                Then add the spilted red chillies n chopped shallots.
                Saute well n pour the sponge gourd n tamarind mix.
                Boil well till it becomes slightly thick.
                Turn off the stove.
           Add tamarind according to the quantity of sponge gourd.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Banana Stem [vazhaithandu] Raitha

After a short gap once again i regain my strength to meet my blog friends.All of us know banana stem is absolutely healthy.But i love the  delicious  raitha which made out of it. Every 'Amavasai' [New moon day] in our home is fullfilled with this lovely raitha.Hope u enjoy this...

                         Banana stem --  as small piece
                         Curd             -- as per ur need
                         Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tsp
                         Urad dhal         -- 1/2 tsp
                         Asofoetida        -- a pinch
                         Green chilly  -- 1
                         Corriander leaves -- to garnish
                         Salt                      -- as per ur need
                         Oil                      -- to temper

                Cut the banana stem into  long thin slices and put into the water.
                     Like this.....                                  
                Put in the water immediately otherwise it turns black.
                Drain the water,mix the salt and put in a idly plate.
                Boil it in the idly pan for 10 min.
                In a pan keep a spoon of oil,fry the asofoetida.
                Splutter the mustard seeds n urad dhal.
                Slit the green chilly.
                Take a bowl and put the boiled banana stem,mustard n urad dhal
                  green chilly n salt.
               Put the curd n mix well.
               Garnish with corriander leaves.

                           ENJOY THE DELICIOUS RAITHA.                    .

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vegetable Briyani

Everyone in our family likes n loves briyani a lott whether it is veg or non-veg.According to me vegetable briyani saves my time as well as a healthy meal for my family.My kid can eat only this rice only except the white rice.So i love to prepare this rice atleast once in a week.But i prepare this briyani like tham briyani which gave some extra taste than the cooker rice.I hav one big indalium kadai with that help i can make my tasty veg briyani...Here is my simple recipe........

                          Basmathi rice              -- 2 cups
                          Water                         -- 3 cups
                          Coconut milk              -- 1 cup
                          Onion big                    -- 1
                          Tomato                       -- 2
                          Carrot [medium size]    -- 1
                          Beans                          -- 7 nos
                          Capsicum [small size]   -- 1
                          Spring onion                 - - a small bundle
                          Cinnomon stick             -- 1 inch
                          Cloves                           -- 2
                           Bay leaf                         -- 1         
                          Garam masala powder  -- 3/4 tsp
                          Chilly powder                  -- 1 1/2 tsp
                          Corriander powder         -- 3/4 tsp
                          Ginger garlic paste           -- 2 tsp
                           Lemon                              -- 1/2
                           Ghee                              -- 1 tsp
                           Oil                                -- as needed
                           Salt                                  -- as needed
                           Corriander leaves            -- to garnish
                 Soak the basmathi rice for half an hour.
                 Wash n finely chopped all the vegetables  above.
                 Place the kadai,heat the ghee.
                 Add the cinnomon,cloves n bay leaf,splutter it.
                 Then add the chopped onion and salt,saute it till brown.
                  Add tomato,saute well till it bcoms mashy.
                 Then add all the vegtables one by one and saute well.
                  Add the oil as per ur need for vegtables.
                  After that,add the garam masala,chilly n corriander powders.
                 Saute well for a min,add the ginger garlic paste.
                 Then add the rice n mix well,add the water n coconut milk.
                 Close the kadai with a lid.Often mix it softly with a laddle.
                 Allow it to cook well,it takes only 5 to 10 min..
                 After the rice cooked,put ur flame in sim and mix the briyani with a laddle.
                 In sim mode allow the briyani for 5 to 10 min.then squeeze the lemon.
                 Mix well,the rice should n't b over cooked n sticky.
                 Garnish with corriander leaves and ghee fried cashews.

         I use soya chunks its purely optional.
         Don't allow the rice to over cooked.      



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Pulikuzhambu

'' Pulikuzhambu'' is my all time fav.It has been combined with variety of vegetables,but it gives different taste with everyone,thats the the speciality of this kuzhambu.Every PONGAL festival in our home is fulfilled with this pumpkin pulikuzhambu.usually we do a lot of varieties of veg as side dishes for sakkarai pongal n ven pongal,but we make only one kuzhambu on that day.Its the best combo for venpongal.Lets here the simple recipe..
                           Tamarind                    -- a lemon size
                           Pumpkin                    --  200 gms piece
                           Shallots [big size]      --   8 nos        
                           Garlic cloves              --  4 nos
                           Fenugreek                 -- 1 tsp
                           Chilly powder           -- 1 tsp
                           Corriander powder    -- 2 tsp
                           Turmeric powder        -- 1/4 tsp
                            Coconut grated         --  5 tsp
                            Fennel seeds            --   1/2 tsp   
                            Salt                          --  as needed
                            Water                       --  as needed
                            Seasame oil              -- 5 tsp.
                  Soak the tamarind in 1/2 cup water n extract the  juice.
                  Add 1 1/2 cups water to that juice.
                  Add chilly powder,corriander n turmeric powder n salt
                    with the tamarind water n mix well.Set aside.
                  Skinned the pumpkin n cut in to small thick pieces.
                  Pour the oil in a pan,heat it,add the fenugreek.
                  It slightly changes the colour,dont turn black.
                  Then add chopped shallots,garlic cloves.
                  Saute well,then add the pumpkin pieces,saute well.
                  Then pour the mixed water to it,allow it to boil.
                  Add the coconut n fennel seeds ground paste to it.
                  Boil well till the pumpkin cooked n kuzhambu bcoms thick.

              Enjoy this with rice n pappadam r vadam.

         I send this to Vardhini's ''Hallowen Fiesta''
            Use only sesame oil that gives a aromatic delicious taste.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gulab Jamun


''Deepavalli'' celebrations are started,everyone of us were engaged in a busy schedule.Preparing sweets n snacks,packing sweets for our friends....etc.I am not an expert in making sweets,thats y i simply go with this gulab jamuns.But i can prepare this jamuns like an expert...every one in my family love my gulab jamuns,bcos of its perfect shape n softness....Actually my inlaws were surprised abt my sweet and ask me...why ur jamuns weren't broken r collapsed.It purely depends upon the heat of oil while fry the jamuns.
Lets here my simple recipe....
                         Gulab jamun powder pack -- 1
                         [i used 'priya' pack]
                          Sugar                              -- 600 gms
                          Cardamom                       -- 3 nos
                          Water                              -- as needed.
                          Oil                                   -- for deep frying.
                Take a large pan,mix the sugar with equal amount of water in the ratio 1:1.
                 Allow it boil well for 10 min,add the spilted cardamom r powdered cardamom.
                 Turn off the stove n set aside.
                 Put the instant powder in bowl,add the water, mix it softly.
                 With out lumps make it as a soft dough.[1/3 of water needed  for a cup of flour.]
                 Don't knead the dough.
                 Pour the oil in a pan,heat it,make the dough as small balls.
                 Fry it the in the oil till golden brown.
                 Take it out and put it in the sugar syrub.
                 After 1/2 hour serve it.
       If the jamuns were fried in low heat,it will collapsed.
       If the jamuns were fried in too heat it bcoms black n won't cook well.
       So always check with a small ball,if it comes above the oil very fastly,
        reduce the flame.If the ball won't raise from the surface heat the oil well. 

I am sending this sweet to sravs '' CC FESTIVE  FOOD''.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nei Urundai - Ghee Ladoo

Due to Diwali every blogger rushes to post the some sweet items.But according to me making sweets is a big task,i never tried it before except kesari.Usually my amma make number of varieties for diwali,thats y i never take a turn towards the kitchen except for eating those items.Now,the scene totally changed,i am in a situation that i myself prepare some items for diwali [toughest job].So i made a call to my amma n ask her,which sweet is soo easy to prepare.My amma suggest me to make my most favourite, nei urundai.My first attempt itself a successful one.Only little amount of  ghee only used to make this.In our home,my amma uses the whole green gram which is to b powdered in the mill.But i used moong dhal instead of green gram. Lets see the recipe to make the delicious nei urundai.Really its very delicious sweet.
                          Moong dhal   -- 1 cup [100 gms]
                          Sugar             -- 1 cup
                          Ghee              -- 2 to 3 tsp
                          Cardamom     -- 4 nos
                          Cashews         -- 5 nos
                In a pan roast the moong dhal slightly,the colour shouldn't change.
                Till the raw smell goes out roast it and cool.
                Put it the mixie,make it as very nice powder.Set aside
                Grind the sugar,cardamom n cashews together as a nice powder.
                Put the moong dhal powder n sugar powder together in a bowl.
                Mix well together.
                Heat the ghee,add the ghee little by little to the ground mix.
                Make the mix as small balls with the help of ghee.
                Add the ghee while in hot,few drops is enough to make a ball.
                If u add more ghee  u can't  make it as ladoos,so add the ghee
                little by little.
                Now, the delicious nei urundai is ready.
        Make the dhal n sugar as a fine powder.then only we can make it as ladoos.
        Usually it is soo soft,we must hold it tightly while making as balls.
        The ladoos can b easily collapsed,but no problem,again we can make it as
         ladoos with hot ghee.
I am sending this sweet to
                Gayathri's ''Only sweets and desserts'' which was started by pari.
                Sravs ''CC-FESTIVE FOOD''



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oats kanchi with buttermilk

''OATS'' is absolutely healthy,everyone of us known this fact.But taking oats for breakfast is  a very difficult task  for the people like me.I just hate oats before i came to know this recipe,after this without oats my breakfast was not fulfilled.My hubby and me,even my inlaws loves this so much.Before the recipe,i must tell one thing that the taste of oats kanchi purely depend up on the buttermilk.My most favourite thing in uae is obviously the buttermilk pack 'Labanup'.Its having the excellent taste which makes me a mad craze over that.Now,come to our recipe,it is very easy to make this delicious kanchi.
                          Oats[quaker oats]    - 3 tsp
                          Water                      - 2 1/2 cups
                           Salt                         -- needed
                          Asofoetida              -- generous pinch
                          Cumin seeds           --  1/2 tsp.
                          Pepper powder       -- 1/4 tsp
                          Corriander leaves   -- a few
                          Curry leaves            - a few
                          Buttermilk                -- 200 ml.
                          Milk  [optional]        -- less than 1/4 cup                        
               Keep the water in a pan,heat it.
               [ u can add little amount of milk less than 1/4 cup]
               Put the oats,salt,cumin seeds,asofoetida,pepper.
               After the water start to boil,put ur flame in sim.
               Boil well until the oats gets dissolved.
               It takes 10 min,after the oats comes like a creamy milk,\
                 u can add the chopped curry and corriander leaves.
              Boil for 2 seconds,then turn off ur stove.
              After 2 to 3 min with hot oats  u can add buttermilk.
              Have the kanchi in hot.
              Its absolutely delicious,make a try and rply me.

         If u soak the oats in water for 10 min., it is easily dissolved.
         U can add grated ginger with this.
         After the water starts to boil keep ur flame in sim till u finished.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pudalangai kootu / Snakegourd kootu

Snakegourd kootu is my all time favourite.My amma makes this kootu plainly, it is so tasty.But i prepare this kootu with moong dhal,it seems to be more tasty than our plain kootu.Lets here the recipe.
                         Snake gourd      -- 500 gms.
                         Onion [big]        -- 1
                         Moong  dhal       -- 2 1/2 tsp
                         Asofoetida        -- a generous pinch
                         Mustard seeds   -- 1/4 tsp
                         Urad dhal           -- 1/2 tsp
                         Dry red chilly      -- 2 nos
                         Oil                     -- 2 to 3 tsp
                         Salt                    -- as needed
                         Turmeric powder -- a pinch.  
                 Wash the moong dhal and pressure cook.
                 Wash the snake gourd and make thin slices.
                  In a pan heat 2 tsp oil,fry the asofoetida.
                  Add mustard and urad dhal,chilly with it.
                  Allow it to splutter.Put ur flame in sim.
                  Add the chopped onion,saute well.
                  Add snakegourd and salt,saute well in the oil.
                 Smash the moong dhal like paste and add with
                   the snakegourd after it b'coms soft and tender.
                Add little bit turmeric powder,mix well.
                After 2 min turn off the stove.
         Now snakegourd kootu is ready.Enjoy with ur favourite kuzhamboos.
        Dont add water,it reduces the taste.
        U can add grated coconut with it at the end.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ladies Finger-[ okra] Fry

Every vegetable has its own specialities, like wise Ladies finger is also having a list of benefits.But most of the kids never like this bcos of its sticky nature.Thats y i choose this method to giv this vegetable to my loving one.I always like this  ladies finger fry bcos it is very easy n simple to make but it sounds so tasty.For kids its the best method to give ladies finger bcos it won't be spicy. .Make a try and rply me.
                          Ladies finger          --- 1/4 kg
                          Onion [big size]       -- 1
                          Dry red chilly           -- 1or 2
                          Mustard seeds         -- 1/4 tsp
                          Urad dhal                --1/2 tsp
                          Oil                          -- 2 to 3 tsp
                          Salt                          -- as needed 
                 Wash the ladies finger,drain the water completly,dry it with a tissue paper.
                  Finely chopped the onion.
                  In a kadai pour 1 tsp oil,heat it, add mustard and urad dhal.
                  Let it splutter,then add spilted chillies and chopped onion,saute well.
                  Add the salt.   
                  Then add finely sliced ladies finger,saute well.
                  Put the flame in sim,after it comes to non-sticky condition
                   u can add 1 or 2 tsp oil.saute well till the ladies finger become dry
                   and shrunk,it comes out with nice flavour.
                  Then turn off the stove.
         U can add the grated coconut at the end.
         Its the great combo for sambar or puli kuzhambu with rice.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Urundai kuzhambu

''Urundai kuzhambu'' is our family's all time favourite.Every one in our family had a great love towards this,thats y my Amma makes this often in our home till now.Now, i learned this from my amma and i too make this kuzhambu quite well.Lets see how to prepare this delicious kuzhambu.
                     FOR MAKING URUNDAI;
                           Thoor dhal             -- 1 cup
                           Bengal gram           -- 1/4 cup
                           Shallot onion          -- 8 to 10 nos.
                           Dry red chilly        --  4 nos
                           Fennel seeds         -- 1/2 tsp
                           Coconut shreded   -- 3 tsp
                           Garlic cloves          -- 4 nos
                           Curry leaves           -- 2 twigs
                           Corriander leaves   -- a few
                           Salt                        -- as needed
                           Turmeric powder    -- 1/4 tsp.

                     FOR MAKING KUZHAMBU;
                             Tamarind         -- a large lemon size amount
                             Chilly powder      -- 1 tsp
                             Corriander powder  -- 2 tsp
                             Turmeric powder     -- 1/4 tsp
                             Cinnamon stick      --  1 inch
                             Cloves                   -- 3 nos
                             Coconut shreded    -- 3/4 cup
                             Fennel seeds           -- 1/2 tsp
                             Shallots                   -- 6 nos
                       Soak the thoor dhal and bengal gram in water for 3 hours.
                       Drain the water completly.
                       In a mixie jar put the dhal and bengal gram together.
                       Add the red chilly,fennel seeds and salt with that.
                       Grind it without water for 1 to 2 min.
                       The dhal should not be grind fully,just few whips is enough.
                       Take it away from the jar,add curry leaves,shreded coconut
                        chopped shallot onions,turmeric powder,chopped corriander 
                         leaves with that mix well.Make it as a medium size balls.
                      Boil it in idly pan. when u touch the ball it won't stick.
                      That's all, urundai is ready.

                      Soak the tamarind in water and extract the juice.
                      Add turmeric powder chilly powder,corriander powder,
                      and salt with that.Set aside.                                                                                        
                     In a spoon of oil saute the shallot onion,cloves fennel seeds and coconut
.                    Saute well.
                      Grind it as smooth paste.
                     Keep a pan, pour the oil,heat it, put cinnamon stick and cloves.
                     Allow it to spluter,the add the tamarind extract with powders.
                     Add the ground paste mix well.allow it boil for 7 min.
                     Then add the urundai one by one, allow it to boil for 5 min.
                      Boil the kuzhambu till it becomes slightly thick.
                      Eat with rice.For thisVadam is the best side dish.
                          MAKE A TRY AND SEND UR WORDS TO ME. 


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My craft work & awards

I am always having a great passion in craft works.I would like to make crafts on my own and present to my loved ones on special occassions rather than buying a gift from shops.Now a days i often make small crafts which makes makes my kid  soo happy.Whatever i made my child felt too happy bcos her mother knows something extradinary and she felt proud about that.Her happiness gives me more energy and encouragement.And this craft is also one among the list,i got this idea from swapna's ''my world of stitching''.
She made a paper chirstmas tree in one of  her post.After seeing that i went back to my college days where we made this paper hut.I made it out of calender sheets[daily sheet, a complete pack] with similar foldings of swapna.After i made this, i gave to my child.Her eyes become widening and too bright,her face is filled with extreme happiness and she hugged me.All credit goes to swapna, i fully dedicate this to her.
My child was crushed the hut before i click it with paint.She wants to paint on that with her water colour, i encourage her and i lastly adjust that.
                                                                   MY AWARDS
I was soo happy, surprised and honoured by my awards which my loving friends presented to me.I never think of receiving awards bcos i m a new blogger,but my friends moved me with their kindness.I whole heartedly thank Kalyani [kalyani platter] and Jay [tasty appetite].THANKS A LOTTT MY DEARS.
I was honoured by ur awards.I received this triple award from kalyani,
And my friend jay passing me the following awards to me,thank u jay.

Thank a lot my dear friends,your awads gives me more energy and encouragement.I would like to share such a wonderful awards to my loving friends,
                                                        1. Bharathy [spicy chilly]
                                                        2. Revathi [kaarasaram]
                                                        3. Divya [divya's recipe]
                                                        4. Sarah [ spoonful of delight]
                                                        5.Vardhini [vardhinis kitchen]
                                                        6. kitchen flavors bon appetit


Monday, September 26, 2011

Idly kurma

After a short break once again i engaged myself in blogging and very curious to meet my blog friends.Last month i was too busy bcos my loving kid put her first step into the school,that y i was happy,tensed,sad and busy.It is the great experience for each and every mother,i too enjoyed that.Now,i felt little bit relaxed that my child settled herself quite well in her school.Lets back to our recipe,idly kurma is the delicious combo for idly.My amma made this kurma on deepavali,throughout the day we cherishes with this special kurma.Comparing to other days this kurma will have a special taste especially on deepavali.Hope u too love this.
                         Coconut grated     --- 1/2 cup
                         Shallots                  -- 8 nos
                         Green chilly             -- 5 nos [according to ur spicy ]
                         Fennel seeds          -- 1 tsp
                         Channa dhal           -- 1/4 cup
                         Garlic cloves          -- 7 nos
                         Cinnamon               --  1 inch
                          cloves                   -- 4 nos
                         Tomato medium size -- 4 nos
                         Onion big                    -- 1
                          Curry leaves              -- a few
                          Oil                            -- as needed
                          Salt                           -- as needed
                          Water                      -- 2 to 3 cups.
               In a pan pour 2 tsp oil,heat it,then add 2cloves and 1/2 inch cinnomon
               After splutter,add shallots,garlic,fennel seeds,chilly,channa dhal  saute
               Then add coconut, saute well.Let it cool.
               Put into the mixie jar and make it as a nice paste.
               Cut the tomato and the onion into small pieces.
               Keep a pan, pour oil,add cinnomon and cloves and curry leaves.
               Then add onion saute it,add tomato saute well.
               Add the water,allow it to boil then add the ground paste.
               Allow to boil well,when the nice flavour comes out of it
               u can turn off ur stove,in accoring to ur consistency.
               Serve it with hot idlis.
         U may raise or reduce the quantity of ingredients according to ur taste.