Saturday, October 8, 2011

Urundai kuzhambu

''Urundai kuzhambu'' is our family's all time favourite.Every one in our family had a great love towards this,thats y my Amma makes this often in our home till now.Now, i learned this from my amma and i too make this kuzhambu quite well.Lets see how to prepare this delicious kuzhambu.
                     FOR MAKING URUNDAI;
                           Thoor dhal             -- 1 cup
                           Bengal gram           -- 1/4 cup
                           Shallot onion          -- 8 to 10 nos.
                           Dry red chilly        --  4 nos
                           Fennel seeds         -- 1/2 tsp
                           Coconut shreded   -- 3 tsp
                           Garlic cloves          -- 4 nos
                           Curry leaves           -- 2 twigs
                           Corriander leaves   -- a few
                           Salt                        -- as needed
                           Turmeric powder    -- 1/4 tsp.

                     FOR MAKING KUZHAMBU;
                             Tamarind         -- a large lemon size amount
                             Chilly powder      -- 1 tsp
                             Corriander powder  -- 2 tsp
                             Turmeric powder     -- 1/4 tsp
                             Cinnamon stick      --  1 inch
                             Cloves                   -- 3 nos
                             Coconut shreded    -- 3/4 cup
                             Fennel seeds           -- 1/2 tsp
                             Shallots                   -- 6 nos
                       Soak the thoor dhal and bengal gram in water for 3 hours.
                       Drain the water completly.
                       In a mixie jar put the dhal and bengal gram together.
                       Add the red chilly,fennel seeds and salt with that.
                       Grind it without water for 1 to 2 min.
                       The dhal should not be grind fully,just few whips is enough.
                       Take it away from the jar,add curry leaves,shreded coconut
                        chopped shallot onions,turmeric powder,chopped corriander 
                         leaves with that mix well.Make it as a medium size balls.
                      Boil it in idly pan. when u touch the ball it won't stick.
                      That's all, urundai is ready.

                      Soak the tamarind in water and extract the juice.
                      Add turmeric powder chilly powder,corriander powder,
                      and salt with that.Set aside.                                                                                        
                     In a spoon of oil saute the shallot onion,cloves fennel seeds and coconut
.                    Saute well.
                      Grind it as smooth paste.
                     Keep a pan, pour the oil,heat it, put cinnamon stick and cloves.
                     Allow it to spluter,the add the tamarind extract with powders.
                     Add the ground paste mix well.allow it boil for 7 min.
                     Then add the urundai one by one, allow it to boil for 5 min.
                      Boil the kuzhambu till it becomes slightly thick.
                      Eat with rice.For thisVadam is the best side dish.
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  1. Hi Layaa,this Urundai Kuzhambu luks yumm and the gravy luks so fine and creamy.Te narrated recipe is too good dear.Luv it.

  2. Kuzhambhu looks yummy... Your version is slightly different from mine... I love it... Bookmarked it dear..:)

  3. this is an interesting dish... totally new to me...