Tuesday, July 26, 2011

uzhuntham kanchi

Hi friends,
                My today's post is' uzhuntham kanchi'. I don't know whether you heard about it or not.I am sure those who are from the village side of T.N was well known about this special kanchi.It has filled with medicinal qualities.Don't think it is like medicine.Its very sweet in taste.Uzuntham kanchi is a very good medicine for the cold.If you are having severe cold,drink this kanchi as hot in empty stomach for 2 or 3 days.It just chases away the cold.Try this once and you never leave it.

                           Black gram dhal [uzhunthu]----1/2 cup
                           Jaggery                                -- 1 and 1/2 piece [according to ur taste]
                           Coconut shreded                  -  1/4 cup
                           cardamom                            - 2

                  Soak the uzhunthu[ black or white] in water for 4 hours.
                  Wash and grind it well like it for idly batter.
                  Add 2 cups of water to the batter,mix well.
                  Keep a big size pan,pour the batter and heat it in low flame.
                  Cut the jaggery into small pieces and add it with the batter.
                  Stir it continuously.[it takes only 5 to 10 min]
                  The batter will start to come up add little water and stir it.
                  It comes to foamy consistency,when the raw smell goes 
                  out,u can add cardamom and coconut,stir well.
                  Switch off ur stove.
                        UZHUNTHAM KANCHI IS READY.
                       Serve it when it was hot.

         Don't stop stirring till u get it down from the stove.

                      THANK U.SPRINKLE UR COMMENTS.



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  1. I am sure this wont taste medicinal..not even Kanji...bet it tastes like payasam!! :)

    Nice recipe layaa :)

    Keep visiting other blogs and leave comments as a token of appreciation..they will visit your space and will return your nice gesture :)