Sunday, August 7, 2011

Milagu kuzhambu.

Hi friends,
               Today , i am going to share with you my favourite kuzhambu, milagu kuzhambu.Most of you heard about milagu kuzhambu or even taste of it.But mine is purely based on village kitchen.It is very tasty and easy to make.Its mouthwatering taste easily attracts everyone.
                                                    Tamarind-- lemon size
                                                Fenugreek--              1 tsp
                                                Sesame oil --              6 tsp [add more oil according  to ur
                                                Pepper cumin powder - 11/2 tsp[take pepper and cumin seeds in equal
                                                                                                     ratio, roast it in a empty pan and grind
                                                                                                    that and make powder.U can preserve it
                                                                                                       and use it for long time.]
                                                Chilly powder--          1 tsp
                                                Corriander powder--- 2 tsp
                                                Garlic         ---           whole 1 or 2.
                                                Turmeric  powder--    a pinch.
                                                 Salt----                     as per ur need.

                            1. Soak the tamarind in a cup of  warm water.
                            2.Then mix the tamarind with water and squeeze the tamarind extract and take the juice.
                            3. Add 11/2 cups  water to that.
                           4. Then add salt,turmeric powder,chilly powder,corriander powder,pepper cumin    
                                powder  to the tamarind water.
                           5.Place a pan and pour the sesame oil and heat it.Then add fenugreek  to the oil and 
                               temper it. Add pealed garlic cloves to that and saute it well.
                         6.  Then pour the tamarind mixing water.[salt,chilly,corriander,pepper cumin powder]
                          7. In medium flame allow it to boil till it becomes thick.

     Now, your mouth watering milagu kuzhambu is ready. Vadam is the best side dish for this.

           U can add drumstick or brinjal or potatoes or mango dries after the saute of garlic.

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  1. Milagu Kuzhambu is my husband's favourite!
    in other words his comfort food!
    I like your version, layaa (what a lovely name!) and will definitely try yours next time :)

    Keep posting homely recipes, what all you make at home and you are an expert..

    I am sure you are enjoying blogging and I am always around to inspire you :)

    you made my day..was having a hectic day and when I came here in front of the PC I was so glad to see your comment! :)

    All the best to become a Rocking blogger soon :)