Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vendaya keerai [Fenugreek leaves] chapathi

''Vendaya keerai'' fenugreek leaves is having a list of medicinal qualities.Among that an important one is that it makes our body cool. In UAE,now we are enjoying our very hot summer.To protect us from the extreme heat,we just depend upon the butter milk,water melons,fruits,fresh juices,sprouts,greens etc,etc.,so in anyform we wish to add fenugreek leaves in our menu atleast once in a week.Fenugreek leaves are having bitter in taste.But when we add with chapathi it won't be bitter.Let us see how to prepare the healthy chapathi.
                          Wheat flour                        -- 1 cup
                           Fenugreek leaves              --  1 bundle
                          Milk[ i use milk for softness without oil] -- 1/2 cup
                          Water                                             --- 1/2 cup
                          Garlic cloves                                   -- 3 nos
                          Ginger                                             -- a small piece
                          Salt                                                 -- as needed
                          Oil                                                  -- as needed
                Pluck the fenugreek leaves from its stem,wash it,squeeze the                       
                  water  completly.
                Keep aside.Add the water with milk and boil.According to ur quantity
                 of flour u can add more water.Make ginger garlic in to a paste.
               In a pan put the flour,mix the salt,fenugreek leaves,ginger garlic paste
               Mix well.Then add the boiled milk hotly with the flour little by little.
               Knead in to  fine dough.Apply oil in ur hands avoid sticking the flour.
               After half an hour roll it to chapathis.
               Roast well on both sides.
               Enjoy with ur favourite sidedish.
        If u add the milk hotly ur chapathis will be so soft.
        Without ginger garlic paste also u can made.
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  1. Slurp...slurp!!! Looks sooo.... good!!!!

  2. Wow.. this looks yummy :) Never tried this combo. Have to .. bookmarked :)

  3. This is new to me :) I have fresh homegrown ones in my backyard with which I make sambhar or aloo methi..

    Good recipe, Layaa!

    Thanks for the information about the english name, Amaranth tender! Have updated :)

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