Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Hi my dear sisters and brothers,
                                                 Today we are celebrating 65th independence day in a grand manner.
                                          Yes, we are celebrating,but,
                                          Do we enjoying the real independence?
                                          Through the millions of freedom fighter's toil,
                                               bloodshed and struggle we got this independence.
                                          But today, we don't have time to think about their
                                          We don't want to stop for anyone or anything;
                                          Our selfishness leads us to run behind the money;
                                           This terrible word make us to became
                                           DUMB,HELPLESS,SELFISH AND INHUMANE.
                                          We never care for anyone or anything,thats why,
                                            we still need a second freedom struggle.
                                          yes,we still need  freedom from'' poverty ''
                                                we still need  freedom from''ignorance''
                                                 we still need  freedom from''terrorism''
                                                 we still need freedom from ''corruption''
                                           this endless list prolongs............................
                                          Lets stop and think for a while,
                                          We are in our independence India, but,
                                         Can we have a freedom to stepping out of our home
                                                             and enjoy a walk? 
                                         Can Anna Hazare and his followers have the freedom
                                           to show their protest through their peaceful 
                                                             hunger strike?
                                       'NO' The answer is bitter,but we hav to accept the fact.
                                         Atleast today lets think about our future India,
                                       Our future India is non other than only our
                                                grandsons and grand daughters.
                                       Lets come and join together and give our voice to
                                             support Anna hazare for his second 
                                          freedom struggle against corruption,
                                           to save our future india to lead a
                                                    PEACEFUL LIFE.         
                                           HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

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  1. Well said Layaa:) Very thoughtful writeup.... we need to stop and think what we need to do to save our country from our own faults and wrong doings... Happy Independence Day...