Monday, August 22, 2011

Ginger-Garlic Pickle

Among the pickles my most favourite one is 'Ginger-Garlic pickle'.I never use or make pickles often,but if i think to make pickles means my choice is always ginger garlic.I never prepared or even tried any pickles before i step into uae.This also i learned it from my sister' Indra' the great cook.She always encourages me
for my new trials and taste it darely and gives her comments.The only thing is my hubby and she always use to say ya,its good,nice etc., and that those words makes me  to assume myself as a good cook.Thanks a lottt for her.I send this recipe to vardhini's ''herbs and Flowers- Garlic'' event.
                           Garlic            -- 1 [whole]
                           Ginger           -- a large piece
                           Sesame oil     -- 5 to 6 tsp
                           Dry red chilly -- 10 nos.[according to ur spicy ]
                           Fenugreek     -- 1/2 tsp
                           Tamarind       -- a lemon size
                           Asofoetida     -- a small piece
                           Salt                -- as needed
                 Peal the garlic cloves and wash,set aside.
                 Remove the ginger's skin completly,wash it and cut into small pieces.
                In a dry pan, fry the red chilly well,don't turn it black.                                             
                Set aside,fry the fenugreek in the same pan till it pops.
                In a spoon of oil fry the asofoetida,keep aside. 
                After cooled,grind the chilly,asofoetida and fenugreek like powder.
                Then add the tamarind and salt with water,grind them as a paste.
                Place a pan,pour the sesame oil and heat it.
                Add garlic and ginger,saute well for 3 to 5 min in a medium flame.
                Then add the tamarind chilly paste,add small amount of water.
                 Mix well,allow it to boil for 10 minutes,till the oil comes out of it.
                       NOW GINGER GARLIC PICKLE IS READY.
                 Allow it to cool then preserve it.Hope u love this.
        Add little amount of water.
        U can add curry leaves too.
        Add  half spoon fenugreek.otherwise it gives bitter taste.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vendaya keerai [Fenugreek leaves] chapathi

''Vendaya keerai'' fenugreek leaves is having a list of medicinal qualities.Among that an important one is that it makes our body cool. In UAE,now we are enjoying our very hot summer.To protect us from the extreme heat,we just depend upon the butter milk,water melons,fruits,fresh juices,sprouts,greens etc,etc.,so in anyform we wish to add fenugreek leaves in our menu atleast once in a week.Fenugreek leaves are having bitter in taste.But when we add with chapathi it won't be bitter.Let us see how to prepare the healthy chapathi.
                          Wheat flour                        -- 1 cup
                           Fenugreek leaves              --  1 bundle
                          Milk[ i use milk for softness without oil] -- 1/2 cup
                          Water                                             --- 1/2 cup
                          Garlic cloves                                   -- 3 nos
                          Ginger                                             -- a small piece
                          Salt                                                 -- as needed
                          Oil                                                  -- as needed
                Pluck the fenugreek leaves from its stem,wash it,squeeze the                       
                  water  completly.
                Keep aside.Add the water with milk and boil.According to ur quantity
                 of flour u can add more water.Make ginger garlic in to a paste.
               In a pan put the flour,mix the salt,fenugreek leaves,ginger garlic paste
               Mix well.Then add the boiled milk hotly with the flour little by little.
               Knead in to  fine dough.Apply oil in ur hands avoid sticking the flour.
               After half an hour roll it to chapathis.
               Roast well on both sides.
               Enjoy with ur favourite sidedish.
        If u add the milk hotly ur chapathis will be so soft.
        Without ginger garlic paste also u can made.
         THANKS FOR VISITING.ADD UR TASTEFUL COMMENTS.                                                          

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raggi kanchi.

I wish to add raggi for my family atleast once in a week.Raggi kanchi is very simple to make and delicious too.We used to prepare this often in  rainy days.Lets see how to prepare the tasty raggi kanchi.

                          Raggi flour            -- 3 tsp
                          Sugar                    -- 6 tsp
                          Water                   -- 1 and 1/2 cups
                           Milk                     -- 1/2 to 1 cup
                          Grated coconut     -- 3 tsp [as per ur need]
                          Cardamom            -- 1
                          Cashewnuts          -- 5 to 8 nos
                          Ghee                    -- 1 tsp 
                           Salt                     -- less than a pinch

                 Fry the cashews in a spoon of ghee and keep aside.
                 Mix  the water with raggi flour without any lumps.
                 The consistency should be like water.Add salt.
                 Pour the mix in a pan and keep it on the stove.
                 Keep ur flame in sim,and stir it continuosly.
                 After the mix starts to boil add the sugar.
                 Stir it continuously,it becomes thick and its colour
                   slightly changes.
                Then add the milk little by little,stir it continuously.
                If we touch the raggi it should be like silky.
                Add milk according to ur expected consistency.
                In a liquid consistency off the stove.
                Add coconut and cardamom,cashews and serve it hotly.

        It suddenly becomes thick so stir it continuously till u finished.
        The sugar taste should be slightly high,then only it is more tasty.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Hi my dear sisters and brothers,
                                                 Today we are celebrating 65th independence day in a grand manner.
                                          Yes, we are celebrating,but,
                                          Do we enjoying the real independence?
                                          Through the millions of freedom fighter's toil,
                                               bloodshed and struggle we got this independence.
                                          But today, we don't have time to think about their
                                          We don't want to stop for anyone or anything;
                                          Our selfishness leads us to run behind the money;
                                           This terrible word make us to became
                                           DUMB,HELPLESS,SELFISH AND INHUMANE.
                                          We never care for anyone or anything,thats why,
                                            we still need a second freedom struggle.
                                          yes,we still need  freedom from'' poverty ''
                                                we still need  freedom from''ignorance''
                                                 we still need  freedom from''terrorism''
                                                 we still need freedom from ''corruption''
                                           this endless list prolongs............................
                                          Lets stop and think for a while,
                                          We are in our independence India, but,
                                         Can we have a freedom to stepping out of our home
                                                             and enjoy a walk? 
                                         Can Anna Hazare and his followers have the freedom
                                           to show their protest through their peaceful 
                                                             hunger strike?
                                       'NO' The answer is bitter,but we hav to accept the fact.
                                         Atleast today lets think about our future India,
                                       Our future India is non other than only our
                                                grandsons and grand daughters.
                                       Lets come and join together and give our voice to
                                             support Anna hazare for his second 
                                          freedom struggle against corruption,
                                           to save our future india to lead a
                                                    PEACEFUL LIFE.         
                                           HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mutton Liver Fry

'Mutton liver fry' is my child's favourite.In our village sides we used to give it to the children  in empty stomach before breakfast.I don't know why they were giving in empty stomach but still we used to follow that.Liver fry very tasty,it is simple and easy to prepare.Try once and giv ur feedback.
                          Mutton liver                - 100 gms
                          Small onion                 - 8 nos
                          Pepper seeds              - 1 tsp
                          Cumin seeds               - 1 tsp
                          Garlic cloves               - 4
                          Curry leaves               - 10
                          Turmeric powder        - as needed
                          chilly powder             -  1 tsp[ according to ur spicy taste]
                          Salt                            -  to taste
                          Sesame oil                  - as per ur need.
                Wash and chopped the onion and garlic.
                In a dry mixie jar.put pepper and cumin seeds,just 1 or 2 whips.
               Wash and cut the liver in to small pieces.
               Keep a pan, pour the oil,add chopped onion and garlic.
               Saute well till it becomes brown,add curry leaves and salt.
               Add the chilly powder and saute well.
               Add the liver pieces and turmeric power.
               Mix well.Add the oil generously.Saute well.
               The liver pieces becomes pluffy and soft.
               Taste it ,if the raw smell of liver goes out,get it down from the stove.
                                   Serve the liver fry.
        Use only sesame oil [ nalla ennai] it gives a special taste.
        Don't fry the liver for long time,if the liver becomes hard it won't taste 



Nellikkai oorukai [ Gooseberry pickle]

Pickle preparation is very new to me.After stepping into the UAE i  myself tried something.Among that, nellikkai oorukai is also included.Before i start to prepare pickles,i thought its a very difficult task for me.After that only i realised how simple it was.So today i just write my simple easy recipe nellikkai oorukai.
                           Nellikkai [ medium size]              -  10 nos
                           Dry red chilly                               - 5 nos
                           Fenugreek                                    - 1tsp
                           Asofoetida                                 -  a small piece
                           Seasame oil                                - as per ur need
                           Salt                                            - as needed.
                           Mustard seeds,black gram dhal   - half tsp

                  Wash and boil the nellikkai till it can be takeout from the seed easily.
                   In a spoon of  seasame oil fry asofoetida.
                   In a dry pan,fry fenugreek and chilly.Fry well and cool it.
                   In a  dry mixie jar,put chilly,fenugreek,asofoetida altogether
                   and make it as powder.
                  Take out the seeds from the nellikkai,separate like garlic cloves.
                  Pour seasame oil in a dry pan,temper the mustard seeds.
                  Add the nellikkai to it,saute well in the oil.
                  Add salt and the chilly,fenugreek,asofoetida power.
                  Mix well and saute it till the powder blend with nellikai.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   NOW OORUKAI IS READY.
                 Preserve it in a dry jars with tight lid.
           Keep under sunlight often otherwise it could be wasted.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Milagu kuzhambu.

Hi friends,
               Today , i am going to share with you my favourite kuzhambu, milagu kuzhambu.Most of you heard about milagu kuzhambu or even taste of it.But mine is purely based on village kitchen.It is very tasty and easy to make.Its mouthwatering taste easily attracts everyone.
                                                    Tamarind-- lemon size
                                                Fenugreek--              1 tsp
                                                Sesame oil --              6 tsp [add more oil according  to ur
                                                Pepper cumin powder - 11/2 tsp[take pepper and cumin seeds in equal
                                                                                                     ratio, roast it in a empty pan and grind
                                                                                                    that and make powder.U can preserve it
                                                                                                       and use it for long time.]
                                                Chilly powder--          1 tsp
                                                Corriander powder--- 2 tsp
                                                Garlic         ---           whole 1 or 2.
                                                Turmeric  powder--    a pinch.
                                                 Salt----                     as per ur need.

                            1. Soak the tamarind in a cup of  warm water.
                            2.Then mix the tamarind with water and squeeze the tamarind extract and take the juice.
                            3. Add 11/2 cups  water to that.
                           4. Then add salt,turmeric powder,chilly powder,corriander powder,pepper cumin    
                                powder  to the tamarind water.
                           5.Place a pan and pour the sesame oil and heat it.Then add fenugreek  to the oil and 
                               temper it. Add pealed garlic cloves to that and saute it well.
                         6.  Then pour the tamarind mixing water.[salt,chilly,corriander,pepper cumin powder]
                          7. In medium flame allow it to boil till it becomes thick.

     Now, your mouth watering milagu kuzhambu is ready. Vadam is the best side dish for this.

           U can add drumstick or brinjal or potatoes or mango dries after the saute of garlic.